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Set in Japan in the 1990s, there's one rising band called LANDS, that is starting to find success amidst a flood of other bands.

Asako and Miharu are two Tokyo high school students. When Miharu gives Asako her favorite indie rock band; a LANDS CD, she becomes an overnight fan and sets her heart on the talented guitarist Yukiya.

When they go to see them in concert, they sneak their way into the backstage area and Asako gets acquainted with some of the band's members. Natsu, the vocalist, is immediately attracted to Asako and begins bringing her along to the band's practice sessions. Though Asako enjoys it, she proves to be a distraction to the other band members and is soon ejected from the session by Yukari, their manager. But Natsu is determined to keep her around, pulling strings to make Yukari and Asako to become friends, and eventually, helping Asako to become LANDS co-manager.

LANDS was formed among friends, but as the band begins to climb the ladder towards major stardom, they get in touch with the dark side of the music industry, discord surfaces, inevitable frictions emerge, and unrequited love strains their friendship, threatening to pull their bonds apart.


Tears are no sorrows
but they are the footprints to our dreams
Believe that there are things that
only you can do,"believe yourself!"
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